Frame Detail Page

Information about a frame’s themes, text, and iconography is recorded on the right side of the page. To the left of this, an image of the frame appears. Where the frame fits into the structure of the almanac is detailed at the top of the page, whereas a description of what is occurring in the frame appears below the picture.   References cited in these notes can be found in the bibliography.

Clicking on the almanac link at the top of the screen takes you to a page with detailed information about the almanac as a whole and its calendrical structure. Both here and in the text field on the frame detail page, there may be more than one possible interpretation of the information recorded. These are given numbers to distinguish them.

When reviewing the text, __ indicates an eroded glyph block, and ?? indicates an unknown reading.  Double slashes (//) are used to separate glyph blocks in the transcription, whereas a single slash (/) indicates an alternate reading. More detailed information about a particular text caption may be found by clicking on the link.

From the iconography section, there are links to a page with more details about the deities, humans, and animals pictured. This page summarizes the activities that a particular figure is performing.

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