Text Detail Page

This page includes information about the hieroglyphic caption. The first section is a phonetic transcription, followed below by a transcription according to T (Thompson 1962) numbers. When reviewing these fields, __ indicates an eroded glyph block, and ?? indicates an unknown reading.  Double slashes (//) are used to separate glyph blocks, whereas a single slash (/) indicates an alternate reading.

There may be one or several interpretations of the clause. These are rendered in Yucatec unless there is information contained within the text itself specifying that a Ch'olan reading is indicated. We use V. Bricker et al. (1998) for the spelling of Yucatec words, and the orthographic conventions proposed by Macri and Looper (2003) for Ch'olan spellings. 

For some of the captions, a comments field is also included. References cited in these notes can be found in the bibliography.

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