Madrid Codex: 39c-39c Frame: 1


Almanac: 39c-39c Frame: 1

The hunt god, God Y, stands in front of a flaming incensario, wearing what appears to be a peccary skin. His head emerges from the peccary’s open jaws. Rubber incense burns in the incensario, which is of a spiked design suggesting that it belongs to the Hocabá-Tases complex (see Graff 1997). Drawing after Villacorta C. and Villacorta (1976:302).


ritual -- burning incense
ritual -- hunting
blue coloration

Hieroglyphic Text

caption 1: NONE (___)


deity: God Y
object: peccary skin
object: incensario
glyph: rubber incense (T577)
object: flames

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